20 February 2006

We are excited to release our new website building on the success of our previous website, we have expanded our new website to include more information, more detail, to fully explain more thoroughly the multi discipline nature of our services and each of the software systems we deal in and provide to our clients in the Asia Pacific region. Many of our partner websites have recently upgraded and merit a review for their new products and information. 

We believe we listen and effectively respond to your needs. To our existing and new clients please contact us through our corporate eMails as listed below. Either using the info@accudata-consulting.com or support@accudata-consulting.com eMail address. For potential clients wishing information on any of our products, please use our sales@accudata-consulting.com. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or set-up times for on-site demostrations for particular systems.

Accudata Consultants Limited

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